Work Based Learning Program Information

Work-based Learning provides an opportunity for employment in the businesses and industries in our area. This program is available to Juniors and Seniors at DCHS who are employed. When you participate in this program, you indicate that you are sincerely interested in putting forth your best effort to receive on-the-job training. You are representing yourself as well as DCHS.

You will not sit in a classroom each day. This program is truly designed to be a capstone/internship/learning experience. Your worksite is your classroom where you will learn about team work, time management, conflict resolution, technology, customer service, and more.

To participate in this program you must be currently employed. You will also submit a copy of the hours you work each pay period. This is typically verified through pay check stubs. Other options are available if you are paid in cash. Your employer will also have the opportunity to evaluate you as an employer once each 9 weeks. This evaluation will be used to help determine your grade in the program. 

Basically... When you are working you are earning money and high school graduation credits.

Work Based Learning is a great opportunity because: 
  • Students may obtain work release by participating in this class!-JUNIORS TOO

  • This program fulfills the College and Career Readiness course requirement for Juniors.

  • A monthly topic and assignment will be offered through Schoology.

  • Students will receive up to 2 high school credits for their employment depending on how many hours they work between August 1 - May 1. 
How to Apply...

If you would like to be considered for the Work-Based Learning program for the 2023-20242 school year,
please submit the form given to you by the counselors.

*** Signing up through the form does not guarantee you a spot in the program ***


If you have any questions, please email Michelle Carter, Work Based Learning Coordinator.