Desoto Central High School Library

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Margaret Ann Montgomery, Librarian

Welcome to the DeSoto Central High School Library! Distance Learning Ideas: Listed at the bottom of this page.  

All library books and textbooks that have not been returned must be returned or paid for in the library at DCHS. Library Books are due no later than May 7th.  If a book is lost, it can be paid for with cash in the school library.  This includes any books or textbooks also from DCMS or any other DCS.

If you have a book or books that you would like to be ordered for our school library,  give Ms. Montgomery the title of the book and author's full name in an email. 

If you would like to request a book to checkout, please send your name, the book title and author's full name in an email to Ms. Montgomery.


Students that need assistance logging into their Office 365 email and/or Microsoft Teams may view this video for instructions 

 PowerPoint video here 

Students that need assistance with a password reset click this link


 Students that need assistance filling out a Help Ticket click this link

direct link to instructions for submitting a Help Ticket for Office365 password rest.

The goal of the DCHS library is to provide students, faculty, and parents with an accessible and inviting center to promote the use of print and electronic media.

Ms. Montgomery, your librarian, graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor's in Education, Ole Miss with a Master's of Education and received certification in library media from University of Memphis. 

Daily Library Hours

7:50 AM - 3:30 PM

Open Student Times

  1. 7:55 AM - 8:20 AM
  2. During your scheduled lunch with a note from your teacher daily
  3. Before late arrival or during work release

Library Rules

Students may:

  • Check out 2 library books at a time
  • Print papers saved to thumb drives or their email
  • Conduct internet research on class assignments
  • Submit their work to Ms. Montgomery for a quick content evaluation

Students may not:

  • Bring food or drink into the library
  • Use cell phones or other electronics in the library while doing online classes without first checking with Ms. Montgomery or your teacher in the library
  • Use any computer without having it assigned by Ms. Montgomery or your teacher in the library
  • Engage in disruptive behavior


Margaret Ann Montgomery

Phone: 662.536.3612 ext. 115

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