Kathy Magee

Courses Taught/Bio: 

Latin I, Latin II

I received a B.A. degree from Belhaven College with a major in English and a minor in Latin.  In 2005 I began teaching at DCHS but have taught a total of 30+ years.  My hobbies include reading, gardening, doing needlework, and spending time with my family ( daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters). 


(1)  ASSIGNMENT FOR 5/04/20 through 5/08/20--LAST ONE!

Using several reputable websites (not Wikipedia), research the Roman Underworld.  Name its 5 divisions and give 3-4 interesting facts about each region. 

(2) ***IMPORTANT!!  Any missing assignments must be submitted no later than next Thursday, 5/14/20, in order to receive credit for work.  Here they are: 

Research/provide 15 facts about the Roman Colosseum.

Research/provide 20 facts about Romulus and Remus.

Research/provide 15 facts about the poet Virgil.

Summarize the story of Ceres and Proserpina and tell its moral lesson.

Summarize the story of Jupiter and the Bee and tell its moral lesson.

Research the 12 major Roman Gods/Goddesses and give a brief description of each.

Research/provide 15 facts about the Circus Maximus. 

Research/provide description of the Roman Underworld.  (see above)

PARENTS:  All completed assignments may be submitted to me via email or text with pictures.  For any questions, please reach out to me via the contact button above or by texting/calling 601-951-9456