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Chemistry Documentation - Rules/Procedures/Lab Safety Contract

Parent and Student Google Forms
Parent Edition - Foucault Classroom Rules & Procedures

Chemistry I - S2



January 3, 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians:


I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach your child.  This year we will be learning about the world around us by examining the structure and reactions of chemicals. Through inquiry, discussions, and some lecture, your child will have the opportunity to discover the atom, chemical reactions, the periodic table, etc.  Our classroom has access to a variety of educational technology that we will utilize as a resource in our inquiries, research, and lecture.


Chemistry I is a math-intensive physical science.  As a result, your child is required to either have completed/be enrolled in Algebra II.  As a class, we will work hard to understand all concepts as we explore the world around us.  Also, I will be available for tutoring before school. I am looking forward to exposing your student to the world through both math and science!  


Research has proven that students learn best when they are working together and completing “hands-on” activities.  I have many helpful labs planned throughout the year to aid in this effective learning process. The one time lab fee ($10) included in the supplies for this class will be used to provide the materials for these labs.  For your convenience, the $10 can be paid either by cash, check (made out to DCHS), or RevoPay our secure online epayment processing platform. In addition to these fees, you and your child are required to review and sign a Lab Safety contract before entering lab.


All classroom documentation and contracts will be collected using Google Forms.  Parents have a separate documentation from students; therefore, when you are completing yours be sure you are using the PARENT EDITION. Please complete all forms using the link provided above in blue. Students will complete their documentation during class. If your student was not in class the day we completed the documentation he/she will be responsible for completeing the documenation at home. Student edition documentation can be found following the below links in blue for their corresponding block. 


Please submit all documentation  (Classroom Rules and Procedures and the Lab Safety contract) via Google Forms by the next class so that your child can proceed with examining and learning about the world around them!  Thank you for assisting me in this effort. Reminder:  No student will be allowed to participate in any labs until all documentation is completed and submitted via Google Forms and the $10 lab fee is paid.




Jeannine Ann Marie Foucault

Chemistry I, AP Chemistry Teacher