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Hello, students and parents! Welcome to Mrs. Leininger's English class! Whether you are taking English II, English I, or a gifted English class, my goal is to extend to you my love of literature and writing. My teaching style is very student oriented, as I want the students to take charge of their learning. I hope everyone enjoys their time in class this semester. It will be challening, but fun! 



English II is working on developing each students' writing! We will be learning about what to include in our writing, as far as supporting text evidence, sentence structure, etc. We will also be learning how to break apart an essay prompt to fully understand its meaning and what it is asking.


Gifted English I is learning about the rhetorical triangle! We will analyze different texts to understand the use and purpose of the rhetorical devices: ethos, pathos, and logos. We will also begin reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It is a classic and has appeared on AP tests 5 times. In addition to reading the novel, we will be reading in class nonfiction, poems, and short stories that supplement themes, major concepts, characters, etc. 


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