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Welcome to Coach Bentley's Mississippi Studies Class!!!



Coach Bentley         D-23         662-536-3612 

Mississippi Studies

Course Syllabus



A.            Behavior Guidelines

1. I will enter the classroom quietly, be seated, and get started on my bell ringer and board work.

2. I will bring my pencil, pen, textbook and notebook to class every day, without any exceptions.

3. I will raise my hand and wait to be recognized to speak or receive permission to move about the room.

4. I will respect my peers and Coach Bentley along with their property and space. 

5. I will follow all school rules as written in the school handbook.

6. I will not bring any food, drink or gum into Coach Bentley’s classroom.

7. I understand that my cell phone is to be turned off and not to be in use in the school.

8. I understand that Coach Bentley does not tolerate cheating in any form. This includes copying homework, notesheets etc.  I know they will be taken up and destroyed; this includes other subject areas as well.  A zero will be issued as well as a discipline referral.

9. I understand that any behavior that interferes with the learning atmosphere of the classroom will not be tolerated.

10. Coach Bentley will dismiss class upon the ringing of the bell by opening the classroom door and dismissing class, the bell is not our dismissal.


B.            Consequences            - Listed in no particular order                       

            1.            Warning

            2.            Enrichment Assignment

            3.            Conference with Parent

            4.            Office Referral


C.            Supplies  (This applies to Rule #2)                                   


1.            1 Three Ring Binder Notebook  (1inch)                                                           

2.            Notebook Paper in notebook                                                                                   

3.            Textbook cover (paper or book sock

4.            MS Class:  Highway Map of Mississippi (Free maps:  go by MS Welcome Center or  : takes  two weeks to come in by mail)  

*You need to get these now don’t wait until day before needed.*This is an easy test grade.*

5.            set of earphones in backpack

6.            1st Block-Clorox wipes or Germ X type hand sanitizer                                                 

              2nd Block-one Kleenex box                                                            



D.            Grading Policies

            50%            Tests             

            20%            9 Weeks Exam                                                                        

            20%            Quizzes, etc

            10%             Daily    



1.            Your Supplies--You must have notebook, textbook, pen, pencil and colored pencils with you every time you enter classroom.  You will not be allowed to leave class room to get these items…you will have alternate “forgot my book assignment” and receive a zero (0) for assignment you were not prepared to complete.

2.            Homework is given.  The assignments will mainly come from unfinished class work.  Anything not finished in class is always considered homework.  There are two grades for homework:  100 for completed assignment and 0 for incomplete assignment.  NO late homework will be accepted.

3.            Tests are not given on a specific day of the week. They will be given as we finish each objective. 

You will be given plenty of notice.  Oral and written notices will be given.

4.            You are required to record your daily objective in your DCHS planner.  A grade for this completed

assignment will be given throughout the semester.


E.            Suggestions for Class

            1.            When entering the room please be seated in your assigned seat and check board for work

and get busy; this includes pencils sharpened.

            2.            Check board daily for assignments and reminders.

3.            Make-Up Work:  (refer to handbook)

            *1 day absent=1 day to make up, 2 days absent=2 days to make up etc.  I

*If an assignment was given while you were absent, it is due upon your return. (ex:  A test is  assigned on Monday when you were present and you are present all week except Thursday and test is Friday and no new material presented…you are responsible for test on Friday.) 

            *Extreme circumstances should be worked out between us as soon as you return to school.

            *You are responsible for your makeup work, it is up to you to check on it and handle business.

            *Make-up tray is on the back table.

4.            Always place your heading in the upper right hand corner on notes, worksheets etc.  (Full name, date and class period)…write neatly.

5.            I anticipate using Ipods and podcasts in my classroom.  This is a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom.  Each student does need to bring and set of ear phones and keep them with them for these activities.