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2019-2020 Audition Results  

Congrats to all who made the 2019-2020 DCHS choir!!  We will have a meeting for all choir members and parents on Tuesday, May 14 at 5:30 in the choir room at DCHS.  We will discuss plans for next year and vote on new booster officers.


If your name has been accidentally left off of this list, please see me ASAP so that we can get it fixed!


Chorale 2019-2020

Soprano 1 (6)

Haylee League^

Jamie Jasper^*

Madelyn Cobb

Siera Lee

Isabella Nettles

Hannah Lee^


Soprano 2 (11)

Kamron Wrench ^

De’Ja Rashid^*

Madison Sadler

Autumn Robbins

Piper Brunson^

Raneishia Robinson

Chandlyr Brown-Reed

Meg McGaha

Jenna McClain

Katie Harris^

Shyniah Jones


Alto 1 (8)

Annie Ng^

McKenzie Blake

Latrecia Jackson

Sabrey Garey

Kayla Fifer

Samantha Nettles

Kaitlin Schweigert^*

Ali Lytle^


Alto 2 (7)

Micah Young

Emily Crunk^

Erin Hammond^*

Jenna Edwards^

Michelle Phillips^

Emma U’Ren

Briana Vance^


Tenor 1 (3)

Cody Christmas^*

Tyler Kieffner

Nathan Wilton^


Tenor 2 (4)

Noah Woods^*

Connor Boggs

Zach Henslee

Colten Kirkman


Baritone (6)

Daniel Lyons^*

Nathan Taylor

Kristian Esgasane

Marquavius Bates

Matthew Smith

Brandon Irby+


Bass (7)

Naamon Peyton^*

Ktren Wilson^*

Landon Page^

Lee Bates^

Hayden Lee

Rhett Barlow

Brock Garey


*Denotes Section Leader

 ^Denotes Senior Choir Member

 +Talk to Wadkins before adding Chorale to your schedule

 **Some soprano 2’s may be moved to Alto when the school year starts**



2019-2020 Bella Voce

2nd Block All Year

Soprano 1  (4)

Allie Kate Page

Emily Smith

Kyla Goodman

Lucille Spinosa-Parker


Soprano 2 (5)
Analiese Mayan

Jolee League

Lane Sims

Diana Vergara

Zi’yanna Morgan


Alto (8)

Leanna League

Mary-Madison Raines^

Raven Wallace^

Alona Bean

Madison Strauser

Nyla Rudd

Elani Bailey


^Denotes Senior Choir Member


Chamber Choir 2019-2020

Tuesday’s After School



Jamie Jasper

Siera Lee

Kamron Wrench

De’Ja Rashid

Madison Sadler

Autumn Robbins



McKenzie Blake

Emily Crunk





Cody Christmas

Zach Henslee

Tyler Kieffner



Naamon Peyton

K’tren Wilson

Daniel Lyons


*** Will audition for 2 alto spots in the Fall***



Cantabile 2019-2020

Intermediate Mixed Ensemble

(One Semester Only)


Allison Carlisle

Paige Warren

Kyla McCracken

Briana Greene

Joe Eggert

Brodin Wright

Adam Morris

2018-2019 DeSoto Central High School Choirs  

Congrats!!  Please see me if there is an asterisk by your name.  Thank you!



2018-2019 Men’s Choir

1st semester – 1st block


Brodin Wright

Adam Morris

Caleb Rogers

Joe Eggert

Kristian Esgasane

Jacob Rushing

Colten Kirkman

Brandon Irby




2018-2019 Cantabile

2nd Semester/1st Block


Kennedi Wilson

Maya Fennell

Jade Manjarrez

Brianna Greene

Anoksuamon Jackson

Lauren Gardner

Jacklyn Jeffrey

Tiffany Catlett

Ella Day

Shay Goliday

Emily Amber Lay

Kennedei Drake

Alicia Brown



2018-2019 Bella Voce

2nd Block All Year

Soprano 1  (5)

Hannah Lee

Isabella Nettles

Sierra Lee

Samantha Gidcomb

Katie Harris


Soprano 2 (8)
Jenna McClain

Annie Ng

Shyniah Jones

Sabrey Garey

Nova Shade

Meg McGaha

Alona Bean

Chandlyr Brown-Reed


Alto 1 (10)

Ali Lytle

Ashley Miller

Samantha Nettles

Leanna League

Mackenzie Hughes

Raneshia Robinson

Latrecia Jackson

Mary-Madison Raines

Danita Chum

Lauryn Berry*


Alto 2 (7)

Emma U’ren

Mikayla Young

Ashton Thomas*

Briana Vance

Micah Young

Emma Wilson

Shaniah Leach


Chorale 2018-2019

3rd block/all year


Soprano 1 (6)

Skylar Few

Aliyah Smith

Chaela Pejo

Haylee League

Jamie Jasper

Madelyn Cobb


Soprano 2 (7)

Shelby Moody

Kamron Wrench

Kaitlin Schweigert

De’Ja Rashid

Madison Sadler

Autumn Robbins

Piper Brunson


Alto 1 (6)

Gail Casteel

Mikayla Thompson

Eliyah Miller

McKenzie Blake

Te’onme Henderson

Hannah Crawford


Alto 2 (5)

Amy Walker

Emily Crunk

Erin Hammond

Jenna Edwards

Michelle Phillips


Tenor 1 (3)

Cody Christmas

Tyler Kieffner

Nathan Wilton


Tenor 2 (3)

Trelon Barrett

Noah Woods

Chris Gardner*


Baritone (5)

JP Wright

Daniel Lyons

Nathan Taylor

Jalen Juseszyn

Quinlan Kurtycz*


Bass (6)

Naamon Peyton

Ktren Wilson

Landon Page

Lee Bates

Hayden Lee

Matt Johnson

Upcoming Events  


Solo & Dessert will be held on Monday, April 30 in the DCHS cafeteria at 6:00 PM. Admission: $5

Choir auditions for the 2018-2019 school year will be held on Monday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 1 from 3:45-5:30 PM.  Please contact Mr. Wadkins for more information and to sign up for an audition time.

Our spring concert and awards banquet will be held at Maples Memorial United Methodist Church on Monday, May 7.  The concert will start at 6:30 PM, and the banquet will start at 7:30 PM. Free admission to the concert; banquet is ticketed! Ticket information will be given out next week.

Sweet Will Be The Flower  

Sweet Will Be The Flower practice tracks are now posted under the PRACTICE TRACKS tab.  Get to work!!

DC's Got Talent  



The following will be our featured performers in DC's Got Talent.  The show will be Monday, November 13.


1. Madelyn Cobb, vocals

2. Eliyah Miller and Anastasia Smith, vocals

3. Ashley Miller, vocals

4. Chayma Charifl, vocals

5. Elaina Moore, vocals/piano

6. Omari Buford, vocals

7. KJ McCan, vocals

8. Joshua Booker, vocals

9. Nick Knoll, guitar

10. Shawn Brammell, dance


  • There will be a mandatory dress rehearsal at 4 PM in the PAC on Monday, November 13. If you are not at rehearsal, you cannot participate in the talent show.
  • Call time for the talent show will be 6:30 PM.
  • Remember to have music prepared for the 2 rounds of competition.
  • You must have all tracks on CDs.
  • Contact Mr. Wadkins with any questions!

D2 Practice Tracks  

District II Practice Tracks


Link to Veni Sancte Spiritu practice tracks:


Link to Sicut Cervus practice tracks:

Ole Miss Choral Festival Itinerary  

Ole Miss Choral Festival

Saturday, October 7, 2017


6:30 AM                                 Report to DCHS choir room - Roll Call - Uniform Check

6:45                                         Short Warm-Up – all choirs together

7:00                                         Picture in the Commons – Load Buses

7:15                                         Depart for The University of Mississippi

                                                164 Music Building

                                                University, MS 38655

8:30                                         Arrive at the Music Building – Unload Buses

8:40                                         Go to Nutt Auditorium for warm-up

9:20                                         Walk to the Ford Center for the Performing Arts

9:30                                         Wait in Holding Room

9:40                                         PERFORM for Competition

1.       Bella Voce – We Sing of Love, Harriet Tubman

2.       Fiero – Non Nobis Domine, Tell My Father

3.       Chorale – Joy, Miniyama Nayo

10:10                                       Take pictures on Ole Miss campus **You may get checked out after this**

11:00                                       Change – Load Buses for lunch at Oby’s

                                                1931 University Ave.

                                                Oxford, MS 38655

1:00 PM                                 Go to the Oxford Square for shopping/ice cream/coffee/candy/etc.

4:00                                         Load Buses – Return to Ford Center to watch choir performances

7:00                                         Awards Ceremony

8:00                                         Load Buses – Return to DCHS

~Food stop en-route if needed~

9:30                                         Arrive at DCHS


*You will need around $20 for food for the day. Bring extra if you plan to shop or get coffee/ice cream. Bring a change of clothes (nice top/jeans/dressy casual)!

D2 Audition Tracks  


The accompaniment tracks for the District 2 Honor Choir auditions are now posted on the Practice Tracks page!

Harriet Tubman Practice Tracks  


The Harriet Tubman practice tracks are now uploaded under the "Practice Tracks" tab.  Quiz tomorrow on mm.22-41!

Audition Results!  

Thanks to everyone who auditioned for the 2017-2018 DCHS Choirs! There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting next Tuesday, May 16, in the choir room at 5:30 PM.  This is when I will hand out music for next year. If you absolutely cannot make it, please come by next week to get your music. Congratulations!


DeSoto Central High School

2017-2018 Chorale



Skylar Few 1

*Aliyah Smith 1

Haylee League 1

Chaela Pejo 1

Shelby Moody 2

*Emma Peacock 2

Kaitlin Schweigert 2

Kamron Wrench 2



*Cody Christmas 1

Nathan Taylor 1

Luke Lampkin 1

Tyler Kieffner 1

*Trelon Barrett 2

Chris Gardner 2

Noah Woods 2



*Rhionna Crawford 1

Kaytlin Draine 1

Abigail Casteel 1

Te’onme Henderson 1

Mikayla Thompson 1

*Jazmin Hollingsworth 2

*Ashley Jackson 2

Amy Walker 2

Emily Crunk 2

Madelyn Sykes 2



*Zach Kieffner 1

Daniel Lyons 1

JP Wright 1

*Saul Paredes 2

Naamon Peyton 2

Cory Brehm 2

K’tren Wilson

*Denotes Section Leader

DeSoto Central High School

2017-2018 Bella Voce


Soprano 1

Jamie Jasper

Hannah Lee

Ashley Miller

Latrecia Jackson

Madelyn Cobb 


Alto 1

Ali Lytle

Erin Hammond

McKenzie Blake

Lauryn Berry

Jenna Edwards

India Rucker


Soprano 2
Katie Harris

Annie Ng

Madison Sadler

Autumn Robbins

Piper Brunson

Shyniah Jones

Margo McAlister

Addyson Simpson


Alto 2

Michelle Phillips

Mikayla Young

Tebit Gang

Nova Shade

Anastasia Smith

Briana Vance

***Plus Chorale Women

DeSoto Central High School

2017-2018 Fiero


Jason Schweigert

Heath Webb

Landon Page

Jalen Juzeszyn

Brandon Irby

Lee Bates

Hayden Lee

**Plus Chorale Men

DeSoto Central High School

2017-2018 Cantabile


Jasmin Thomas

Olivia Denton

Kennedi Wilson

Jourdan Betlesky

Meg McGaha

Maya Fennell

Mary Madison Raines

Alona Bean

Shawn Brammell


Solo and Dessert Singers  

The following students will be performing at Solo and Dessert on Friday, April 21 at 6 PM in the cafeteria.  This is the order of performances.  We will start sound check at 4:30 PM.  Please have your track already downloaded on your phone.  You will not be able to play it from YouTube because of possible buffering.  Thanks and congrats!  This looks to be a very fun night!

1. Cami Wright - "At Last"

2. Chris Gardner - "Hallelujah"

3. Hannah Lee - "How Far I'll Go"

4. Briana Vance - "Where I Sleep"

5. Lauryn Berry - "It Will Rain"

6. Rhionna Crawford - "Candy"

7. Julia Mendoza - "Jar of Hearts"

8. Skylar Few - "Unsteady"

9. Emily Taylor - "Oh Misbeliever"

10. Kamron Wrench - "Whose Loving You"

11. Ktren Wilson - "One Night Only"

12. Shelby Finley - "The Scientist"

13. Kay Draine - "Love on the Brain"

14. Molly Reaves - "Perfect"

15. Micaiah Roker - "Tears Dry On Their Own"

16. Hanna Droebeck - "Oh Darling"

17. Becky Hime - "Gravity"

18. Amy Walker - "Held"

19. Shelby Williams - "Sandcastles"

20. Cody Christmas - "Lean on Me"

21. Jasmine McCaskill - "Flaws"

22. Elaina Moore - "Feelin' Good"

23. Jazmin Hollingsworth - "Bohemian Rhapsody" (short version)

Upcoming events!  

Solo and Dessert will be held in the DCHS Cafeteria on April 21 at 6 PM.  Tickets are $5.  Come out to support the DC singers!


Choir auditions for the 2017-18 school year will be held on April 27 from 3:45-5 PM in the choir room.  Please see Mr. Wadkins for an audition packet.  You must have a teacher recommendation and parent signature to audition!

Booster Meeting  

There will be a booster meeting this evening at 5:30 PM in the choir room.  We will be talking about lots of things including the Disney trip.  I hope to see many of you there!

DC's Got Talent Participants  

1. Carley Walker

2. Meagan Cobb & Haleigh Eggert

3. Lauryn Berry

4. Jonathan Lancaster

5. Julia Mendoza

6. Micaiah Roker

7. Katie Harris

8. Colten Kirkman

9. Dana Wong

10. Kianna Scott & Enfiniti Alexander

11. Nick Knoll


Please remember if you are using music to bring TWO (2) CD's with your two selections on them.  They should be clearly labeled with your name and Round 1 and Round 2.  There is a mandatory rehearsal Monday from 4 PM - 5:30 PM.  If you aren't at the rehearsal, you will not be allowed to perform.

Thanks for sharing your talents!  The show will be great fun!

Booster Meeting  

We will have a booster meeting next Tuesday, October 11, at 5:30 PM in the choir room.  I hope to see everyone there!  We will be talking about Jag Day, fundraising, and the new Disney trip.

Booster Meeting  

The first booster meeting of the year will be next Tuesday, August 30 at 5:30 PM in the choir room.  Hope to see you all there!



Visit us at our new website!  There you will find information about the different ensembles at DCHS as well as links to the 2016-2017 handbook and forms.

Click here!

Audition Results  

Congrats to everyone!  I enjoyed hearing everyone of you, and I look forward to a wonderful new year!  If you do not see your name listed in any of the choirs, please come talk to me on Monday.  Thank you!


                                               CHAMBER CHOIR


Baldwyn, Cassidy

Finley, Shelby

McCaskill, Jasmine

Wright, Cami



Barrett, Trelon

Christmas, Cody

Laventure, Igard

Magee, Wes


***Will hold an audition for bass spot at beginning of school year


Jackson, Ashley

Reaves, Molly

Smith, LeeCarol

Waldrop, Gaven



Kieffner, Zach

Paredes, Saul

Tita-Nwa, Brandon





Alexander, Janie

Baldwyn, Cassidy

Coleman, Nadya

Finley, Shelby*

Higdon, Paige

Hime, Becky

Lampkin, Lindsay

McCaskill, Jasmine*

Moody, Shelby

Peacock, Emma*

Phan, Annie

Wright, Cami



Barrett, Trelon

Bell, Sherman

Christmas, Cody

Laventure, Igard*

Magee, Wes*

Page, Landon

Roberts, Justin

Woods, Noah



*Section Leaders


Battle, Gabby

Crawford, Rhionna

Draine, Kaitlyn

Henderson, Te’onme

Hollingsworth, Jazmin

Jackson, Ashley

Reaves, Molly*

Roker, Micaiah

Smith, LeeCarol*

Thompson, Mikayla

Waldrop, Gaven

Walker, Amy

Walker, Carley*



Kieffner, Zach*

Lyons, Daniel

Paredes, Saul*

Peyton, Naamon

Schweigert, Jason

Smith, Davis

Tita-Nwa, Brandon

Webb, Heath

Wilson, K’tren

Wright, JP



                                                       BEL CANTO


Cobbs, Alexis

Davis, Ozalynn

Ellis, Camryn

Harris, Katie

Head, Kyla

Hecker, Delainey

Jasper, Jamie

League, Haylee

McAlister, Margo

Merrill, Brianna

Morrison, Taelor

Ng, Annie

Schweigert, Kaitlin

Smith, Aliyah

Sparrenberger, Loren

Taylor, Emily

Wrench, Kamron



Casteel, Abigail

Crunk, Emily

Davis, Zada

Green, Chelsea

Hammond, Erin

Hobbs, Sarah

Lytle, Ali

Mabon, Katia

Mendoza, Julia

Phillips, Jessica

Rucker, India

Sykes, Madelyn



Men’s Beginning Choir – Meets 1st Block, Fall Semester


Bates, Lee

Dukes, John Michael

Lee, Reagan

McComb, Jorden

Roberts, Travis






Women’s Beginning Choir – Meets 1st Block, Spring Semester


Allen, Heaven

Alexander, Enfinit

Berry, Lauryn

Brunsen, Piper

Edwards, Jenna

Gardner, Lauren

Jones, Shyniah

Lee, Hannah

Manjarrez, Jade

Min, Catherine

Raines, Mary Madison

Shade, Cheyenne

Tatum, Kacie

Vance, Briana

Wilson, Kenedei

Young, Mikayla

2016 Choir Auditions  

The 2016 choir auditions will be May 4 from 3:45 PM - 6 PM in the DCHS choir room.  Please come to Mr. Wadkins' office to pick up the audition packet.  You must bring the completed audition form to your audition to be considered for choir.

Solo & Dessert  

The 2016 Solo & Dessert will be this Thursday, April 21 at 7 PM in the DCHS Cafeteria.  We will feature 28 of our talented DC choir vocalists.