Graphing Calculator  

TI-84 Graphing Calculator is available online and can be downloaded to your computer.  Go to the DCHS home page.  Go to Library.  Go to Files.  You will have to download the 2 attachments provided to the computer you want use the calculator on.  You are welcome to put the calculator on multiple computers for your convenience. 

Get signed up for USA Test Prep! 

accountid/school id:  desotoms (all lower case)    

activation code:  newton30

Weekly assignments will average together and count as a TEST grade!!!


If you would like to receive text messages to remind you or your student of upcoming assignments, tests, etc., simply text the message @transalgeb to (240)428-6335.  This is a service called Remind 101 which allows me to text to a group of people all at once.  I will not have the cell number of those signed up for the service, but I will have their name.  This is a great tool that will help students throughout the semester.  I strongly encourage all of my parents to sign up for these notifications.