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 SmartTrack 2013 - 2014 Parent Survey Instructions:

In accordance with the requirements of No Child Left Behind, the MS State Department of Educaiton, is providing an Online Parent Survey for the parents of the students in our school.  The Parent Survey is totoally anonymous and voluntary.

Parents of Students grades 6 - 11 should take the survey.  If you have more than one child in these grades, please take one survey per child.  If they are in different schools, please be careful to use each school's specific User Name and Password.

The Survey is available April 1 - 18, 2014

Thank you for your support in this important task.

Internet Explorer 6.0, complete survey and submit:

1.  Enter the Internet via Internet Explorer 6.0

2.  In the address bar, type

3.  Click on Member Login.

4.  Type the following User Name and Password in the blanks:

         School:  DeSoto Central High School

         UserName:  msproctor

         Password:  5363612

5.  Click  Set Up Survey

6.  Click Mississippi Parent Survey

7.  Click English

8.  Click Set Up Survey in the red oval bar

9.   When you see the stop sign, the survey is set up for you to take. 

10.  Proceed with the Survey answering the questions by clicking in the circle by your answer choice.  When finished with the questions on that screen, click next.  on the final screen, click Submit

11.  Exit the program, please double click the SmartTrack picture(bullsey) and click cancel to exit the program.



 Due to state attendance laws, our attendance officer cannot accept verbal phone permission for any checkouts.  You must send an email to: or fax the attendance office at 662-536-3621.  Please include the student's full name and a valid phone number for verification.

Click Here for the Parent Note Excuse Form



Senior Ads for the DeSoto Central High School yearbook 2013 - 2014!

Information click here.

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