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Tonya Fowler

Biological Sciences


Courses Taught:

Environmental Science 


Marine and Aquatics I and II




Welcome to the wonderful world of science! I am excited to teach Environmental Science, Genetics, and Marine/Aquatic Sciences I and II  this school year. With a background in both middle and high school level science, this is my 23rd year of teaching and my 15th year at DCHS. I hold a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Tennessee. I later obtained secondary science teaching licensure from Christian Brothers University. I have two children who both graduated from DCHS.

My role as a leader in the classroom is an ongoing opportunity for me to learn along with my students. I invite you to explore the natural world with me! 


Environmental Science

  • School-issued laptop
  • Pencil (required daily)
  • Pen (optional)
  • Notebook paper
  • Binder (can be shared with other classes)
  • Lab fee- $5


  • School-issued laptop
  • Pencil (required daily)
  • Pen (optional)
  • Notebook paper
  • Binder (can be shared with other classes
  • Lab fee- $5

Marine I, Marine II

  • School-issued laptop
  • Pencil (required daily)
  • Pen (optional)
  • Notebook paper
  • Binder (can be shared with other classes)
  • Marine I- $5; Marine II- $10




You are provided with the necessary tools to succeed. It is up to you to follow instructions and to put forth your best effort. NO SHORTCUTS!

  • Grade Reports: Official grades are posted in PowerSchool, not Schoology.
  • Extenuating Circumstances: Inform your teacher as soon as possible of any extenuating circumstances preventing participation in class.

Examples of extenuating circumstances:

- Extended illness (unavailability exceeding three days may require a physician statement)

- Required county/state court appointments.

- Serious family emergency i.e. death/funeral

- Special requests from parents (pre-arranged with school personnel)

  • Attendance: If possible, attend class regularly. Students who are absent from class or who are temporarily not permitted to attend class must access Schoology for instruction and assignments. Most assignments are completed in a digital class notebook in OneNote.
  • Assignments: 

Review Guides (15%)

As a preview of the next chapter, these are distributed on test day of the previous chapter for students to begin completing after finishing a test. Bell work generally consists of guided reading -completing sections that will be covered that day. Most information should be completed prior to the lesson. The answers are discussed in class and there will likely be additional information to be included. Review guides are due on test day of the corresponding chapter.


Class Notebook, Labs, Quizzes (25%)


Daily assignments are contained in a digital notebook in OneNote. Assignments are expected to be completed on the day assigned. Unfinished classwork should be completed for homework.  Class notebook sections are generally locked on the test day of the corresponding chapter to be graded as a notebook grade. Only information presented in the course should be used to complete assignments. Internet searches should only be used to help in understanding a concept, not for obtaining answers for classwork items.

Each lab consists of a lab report. There may be occasional quizzes.


Tests (40%)


Tests are application-based items. Students are strongly encouraged to read each chapter in addition to studying the Review Guide (notes). Test items may assess understanding of lecture, discussion, activities, daily class work, labs and videos presented in class.


 Exam (20%)



The exam covers material from the entire course. Students with an average of 95 or higher for the course may be exempt from the exam. Students with an average of 85-94 for the course may be exempt from the exam with no more than 2 unexcused absences in a 9-weeks courses.

  • Learning Resources: There are several resources for information to help understand the content. Be sure to view ALL information before proceeding to assignments.
    • Videos
    • PowerPoints
    • Textbook/Schoology "text pages"
  • Extra Credit: Because students need to dedicate time and resources to current assignments, extra credit opportunities are rarely available. For the same reason, please do not ask to re-visit past due assignments beyond the flexibilities already in place.
  • Personal Electronic Devices:  Personal electronic devices such as mobile phones and earbuds/headsets, should be powered off and out of sight during class time. THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • Contacting the teacher: Should a student wish to contact the teacher, use Schoology messaging. Be sure that notifications for updates and private messages are turned on in the settings. This is my only means of communicating with students outside of class.  Notifications can be received by text, email or both. Parents may contact me by selecting the “contact” link on my school webpage or responding to my initial text message.
  • Technology Help: You may submit a Help Ticket from the link on for technology issues.