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Tonya Fowler

Biological Sciences


Courses Taught:



Marine and Aquatics I and II





Welcome to the wonderful world of science! I am excited to teach Biology I, Genetics, and Marine/Aquatic Science  this school year. With a background in both middle and high school level science, this is my 21st year of teaching and my 13th year at DCHS. I hold a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Tennessee. I later obtained secondary science teaching licensure from Christian Brothers University. My role as a leader in the classroom is an ongoing opportunity for me to learn along with my students. I invite you to explore the natural world with me! 



Biology is fast-paced course and requires critical thinking. You are provided with the necessary tools to succeed. It is up to you to follow instructions and put forth your best effort. NO SHORTCUTS!

  • Grade Reports: Official grades are posted in PowerSchool, not Schoology. However, the grade section of Schoology is very useful in double-checking whether or not assignments have been submitted. Submissions are indicated with a thumbnail icon like a sheet of paper or puzzle piece.
  • Attendance: Online students must submit a “check-in” assignment each school day to be counted present for the day. There is a 1-2 day delay for attendance  of VIP students to be reflected in PowerSchool. It is easy to get behind when you are frequently absent to class whether in-class or VIP. 
  • Extenuating Circumstances: Inform your teacher as soon as possible of any extenuating circumstances preventing participation in class.

    Examples of extenuating circumstances: - Illness (unavailability exceeding three days may require a physician statement) - Required county/state court appointments. - Serious family emergency i.e. death/funeral - Special requests from parents (pre-arranged with school personnel)

  • In-class Absences: In-class students who are absent to class or who are temporarily not permitted to attend class must access Schoology for instruction and assignments.
  • Learning Resources: There are several resources for information to help understand the content. Be sure to view ALL information before proceeding to assignments. Please message the teacher if you are still having difficulty understanding content after using all provided resources.
    • Videos
    • PowerPoints
    • Online textbook (via Clever)
    • Self-check practice items (answer key provided)
  • Discussions:  Discussions are completed via Schoology and are considered daily grades, weighted 15% of the total grade. Complete discussions on the day assigned to avoid point deductions for being submitted late. Your personal response should be at least 5 sentences in length. There must be a reply to the posts of two classmates, at least 2 sentences in length/reply. Correct grammar and spelling are expected.
  • Interactive Notebook: At the start of each unit, the corresponding Digital Interactive Notebook should be downloaded. It will be used throughout the unit.  Only do the pages assigned for the day.  Do not work ahead.  The notebook will be turned in on the last day of the unit, which is also test day.  The notebook is practice on material that will be included on the tests. In-class students will begin using the digital notebooks via Schoology in February.

    Point deductions for late notebooks

    o   1 day late, -20 points

    o   2 days late, -10 points  (total -30 points)

    o   3 days late ,-10 points (total -40 points)

    o   4 days late ,-10 points (total -50 points)

    The trend continues for any additional days late.

  • Labs: There is lab is unit worth 25% of the total grade. Lab assignments are generally separate from the Interactive Notebook. In-class students have the opportunity for hands-on learning and VIP students experience the lessons by simulations/animations.
  • Tests: Unit tests are application-based assessments that count 25% of the grade. Unit tests assess a deep understanding and require critical thinking. Students may use handwritten notes from the PowerPoints and videos on the tests.
  • Tech Passes: Students are allowed 3 Tech Passes for the semester. This will extend the deadline of an assignment by 24 hours due to technology issues. A request form must be completed from the main course page in Schoology.
  • Extra Credit: Because students need to dedicate time and resources to current assignments, extra credit opportunities are rarely available. For the same reason, please do not ask to re-visit past due assignments beyond the flexibilities already in place.
  • Contacting the teacher: Should a student wish to contact the teacher, use Schoology messaging. Be sure that notifications for updates and private messages are turned on in settings. This is my only means of communicating with students.  Notifications can be received by text, email or both. Parents my contact me by selecting the “contact” link on my school webpage.
  • Technology Help: You may submit a Help Ticket from the link on for technology issues. Also, Central Services has a dedicated technology help desk phone number. Support staff will be answering that number during the school day.   If VIP students have tech issues with Schoology or their DCS issued device, feel free to call (662) 449-7121   8:00-4:00 Mon-Fri.