Savannah Crittenden

Courses Taught: Geometry

 Geometry students: We are starting T4 on Monday.  Until we return to school, this will be the plan for our distance learning.  Each week I will upload the notes, assignment and a short weekly skills check.  You can scan or take a picture of the assignment and weekly skills check to send to me.  You may submit through our Remind or simply e-mail it to me at  These assignments should be sent to me by Sunday at midnight.  You may continue to work at your on pace, but please submit the assignment and skills check together when you complete them.  Please stay healthy, and do not stress over online learning.  We are all learning together! Please e-mail or text me any questions you have.



I hope everyone is staying safe during these times. During the upcoming weeks, we must all remember to be flexible and patient. I will communicate with you through my website and remind. If you have not signed up for my remind Please do so! The code is @aakh4.

   I will upload assignments weekly so that you can work on them on your schedule.  Each day will consists of 6 to 7 problems.  We have covered 6 chapters, so each chapter will have 3 days worth of assignments.  Please label each assignment according to the day and chapter.  I will collect these when you return.  These are simply review questions over chapters 1 - 6.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  Please stay healthy, and do not stress over online learning.  We are all learning together! 

S. Crittenden

Parent Resource:

ACT Practice

Assignement 2

Assignement 3

Polygons 4/6-4/10

Polygon Notes (Assignment 4)

Polygon Practice (Assignment 5)

Polygon Quick Check (Assignment 6)

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Subjects Taught

-3rd in High School Class from Olive Branch

-Bachelor's with honors from Ole Miss

-Elementary Education Certified

-Endorsements in Math and English

-Master and Specialist in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Math and Science

-Nationally Board Certified

-12 years teaching Math, Science

-15 years Volleyball Coach for 15 and under

-2 year distance track coach

-3 year archery coach

-Book Club Sponsor

-I am one of five girls and have 7 nephews and 1 niece. My mother is my best friend and my family is the most important part of my life. I have recently gotten married and have no children.

-I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the seventh grade and have went for it wholeheartedly. I love every minute of it and am very lucky to be apart of so many great students' lives.