DCHS Orientation FAQs


1. What time does school start and end?

School doors open at 8:00 for student entrance and dismissal begins at 3:30 with stagger dismissal for car/walker and buses in groups

2. What is the pickup and drop off process for car riders?

Car riders are to be dropped off on the South side of the school located next to the gym and the student parking lot. Students will also be picked up from the same designated area.

3. How much time do students have between classes?

During a typical school year student would have six minutes between classes. During social distance learning students will be released in groups to cut down on the amount of traffic in the halls.

4. What does my student need to bring the first day of school?

Students will need paper, pencil and pen. A copy of schedule will be provided in homeroom that also provides lunch number. If lunch is not purchased, please bring from home. Bus number for afternoon drop off will be needed for bus pass.

5. Can I prepay my student’s lunch account?

Yes, you can go to the district website www.desotocountyschools.org You will then click departments and scroll down to the Child Nutrition department.

6. Where do I find out about bus pickup and drop off?

On the DeSoto county website under the department tab, click on transportation. There is a link for morning and afternoon drop off locations as well as times.

7. Are there clubs that my student can join?

DeSoto Central offers a variety of clubs that are advertised throughout the school. There are also announcements about clubs on both the daily announcements and Jag TV which airs each week.

8. How does my student become part of a sports team?

In order to participate in sports, you will need to have a physical on file with the school before any try-out. Students are encouraged to be involved in sports and need to speak with the coach of the specific sport. You can also contact the school’s Athletic Director: Jake Long.

9. Where does my student go when they arrive late to school?

Students are asked to check in at the attendance desk located at the entrance to B-hall.

10. Are there going to be lockers available?

Lockers are not available for the 2020-2021 school year. Students are not issued many books as most teachers use classroom sets. Students are permitted to carry backpacks from class to class. Rolling backpacks or suitcases are not allowed.

11. Will my student have the ability to change their schedule?

Student schedules will be available for review in Parent Portal. If parents need to request a schedule change, they submit a digital schedule change form found on our counselors’ website (https://dchscounselors4.wixsite.com/dchs) by August 6th. If parents need Parent Portal information, they contact Whitney White.

If parents have additional questions, they contact one of our school counselors.

9th Grade: Lauren Springer
10th Grade: Blakely Dendy
11th Grade: Megan Vaughn 
12th Grade: Adrian McNeil

12. Explain the dress code for boys/girls

No athletic shorts, this includes shorts that are made of fleece material. Shorts must be knee length. Pants must be fitted at the waist with no visible undergarments. No holes above the knee in any pants.

Hoods are not to be worn at any time during the school day in the building.

Leggings and jeggings are allowed when worn with a top/skirt/dress that meets the dress length guidelines (at the knee)

Tank tops, tube tops, transparent tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, thin straps, or tops that expose the midriff, any part of the bust, excessive part of the back, are excessively tight or are distracting in class are not permitted.

13. Explain the cell phone policy.

Students are only permitted to use their cell phones/electronic devices in the cafeteria. All other locations are in violation of DCHS policy. Cell phone/electronic devices can be used in the classroom if designated by the teacher. If a student is in violation of the cell phone policy they will be asked to turn over the device and the parent will be contacted. (During the social distancing phase of reopening we will not take up the phone but an incident of misuse will be treated at insubordination).

14. When can my student take Driver’s Education?

Driver’s Education is offered to seniors and juniors based on availability.

15. Dropping off things for my student.

Drop offs are not allowed at school.

16. Does the school offer tutoring?

Teachers offer tutoring at different times. Your student’s teacher will provide those times once your student arrives in class. Teacher will also have a Remind101 to communicate with students about assignments and tutoring schedules.

17. When can my student take part in Career Tech?

Career Tech is first offered to 10th graders. During the second semester, 9th graders are allowed to tour the Career Tech to make determinations if they would like to apply. The Career Tech is a two-year program, either 10th/11th or 11th/12th. Spots are limited so there is an application process in the Spring.