Mayor's Youth Council


Mr. Gregory 

What is the Mayor's Youth Council?

Southaven Mayor's Youth Council is a service organization made up of students from both DCHS and SHS, that focuses on building student's knowledge of city government and civics. This group works with the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to address issues in our community. Membership is made up of four seniors, four juniors, two tenth graders, and two ninth graders from SHS and the same from DCHS. Applications for membership are accepted at the beginning of the school year to fill any vacancies on the Council. 

2022-2023 Council Members


Aminata Ba

Madison Boyd

Madison Fairley

Hannah Greaves


Amadou Ba

Kylie Pennington

Catherine Phan

Chandler Ragan


Kaitlyn Booker

Zion Rucker


Payton Milien