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I am a native of New Albany, Mississippi and graduated from New Albany High School in 2003. Following high school I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2007.


1 Year Water Valley Junior/Senior High

4 Years New Albany Middle School

3 Years New Albany South Tippah Union County Alternative School

5 Years Desoto Central High School

Review Material
Video Help
T4 Work is designed to cover the essential objectives of Geometry.  Assignments and Weekly Checks will be due each Sunday night at midnight.  Please complete all work and send it in one email or remind message. Take your time to complete it and reach out to me on remind if you have questions.  Notes include examples of problems worked out as well as main ideas.  

Term 4 Assignments

T3 Review Work:Each day will have less than 10 problems.  We have covered 5 chapters, so each chapter will have 3 days worth of assignments.  If you would like you can print these or you can work them on notebook paper and turn them in when we return to school.  Please label each assignment according to the day and chapter. There are 8 total reviews and they cover chapters 1-3
TI has made calculator emulators available for students for free for 6 months.  Please use the following link to request access  https://education.ti.com/en/software/update/free-ti-software-license-student
Submitting Assignments

Iphone Video Tutorial

1) Open the notes app on your phone.

2) Select the SCAN DOCUMENTS option and it will open your camera.

3) Take a picture of your work.  You can adjust the border to include only your work then select KEEP SCAN.

4) Continue to take pictures of each page of your work until you have all pages scanned.  When you have scanned all pages of your work select SAVE. 

5) Once you have saved your work it will insert a PDF into your notes.  You can now save your work as a PDF to your Icloud or your phone storage.

6) Please name your file with your first and last name and submit it all in one document. 


Android Video Tutorial

1) You will need the Google Drive app downloaded on your phone.  When you open it click on the Plus ( + ) sign on the bottom right.

2) After clicking on the Plus sign be sure to choose the SCAN option and it will open your camera.

3) After scanning your first page you can make an adjustments you need to then press the PLUS ( + ) sign on the bottom left to add another page.

4) When you have scanned all of your work click on the CHECKMARK on the bottom right to save your PDF to your Google Drive.

5) Please Name your file with your first and last name and submit it all in one document

Information About Student Office 365 Accounts & Teams

All 6th through 12th grade students have both a DCS User account (for computer access, wifi login, permissions grouping, and more) and an Office 365 Account for email, One Drive, Teams access, etc. The student accounts are very similar to the faculty accounts for familiarity and interoperability.

Students' usernames are constructed using the following formula:

First name, first initial + Last name, first initial + last 6 digits of their lunch number.

Example: If Amy King's lunch number is 1234567, her computer/wifi username is ak234567, and her email address is ak234567@dcsms.org

Students who need their passwords reset or have issues logging in with these accounts should submit a help ticket just as teachers or staff do. Select "Username / Password Issues" from the Help Topic drop-down list and "Email/Office365" as the Account Type.

You must use your full email address (including the @dcsms.org) to log in to Office365 applications including Outlook (email.)

If you have never logged in to Office365, or you have received a password reset, you must first login to Office365 in a web browser and set your own password. Only then can you use your newly set password to access your email in a mail client such as Outlook on a mobile device app.

Click the link below for more information from Desoto County Schools Technology department
Supplemental Learning Opportunities

If you are interested in following along I have also created a class for Khan Academy you can sign up for using the link https://www.khanacademy.org/join/QUUJ44GE

There are a series of 3rd Nine Week review videos and practice problems within my classroom.  When you click on the link you will need to create an account to access my classroom.  If you need it the classroom code is QUUJ44GE

All of this is stuff that is available for review of pervious material covered.  Please stay tuned to this site and out class remind account as I will post any information about new assignments and any due dates that will accompany them.  I understand this is a whole new experience for families and I will work with everyone to ensure students needs are met.  Please reach out if there is anything I can help with.


Course Expectations