Jacque Kazemba
 contact number - 662-536-3612 ext. 407

Courses Taught:

Special Education

Diamond Girl Sponsor 

In the event that we do not return to school next week, I have set up a remind for you guys. This will allow me to be available for questions from both students and parents. Gen Ed teachers will have assignments posted/sent to their students next week if we do not return. I will also do my best to send out resources that may help as well. This is the best way that I know to handle this situation and serve my students.


Websites for students
News to know:
During this challenging time we at DCHS are working on ways to ensure that all of our students have access to an education. Please continue to monitor teacher websites for additional information.I will be utilizing remind to get information to my parents. 4/1/2020

The Remind code for my caseload is @2020caselo

The Remind code for my Compensatory Math Lab is @mrsjkazem

The Remind code for my Compensatory Reading Lab is @mrsjkazemb

The Remind code for my Compensatory Writing lab is @abbb63cf


I have sent invites to the parents of the students in these classes.If for some reason you did not receive an invite, you can use the codes above to join a class. You can join remind by texting 81010 and adding a code.