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Nutrition & Wellness


Courses Taught:

Nutrition and Wellness

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Ebook Instructions



Nutrition and Wellness Classroom Syllabus

Sockwell's syllabus.docx



Nutrition and Wellness    










Instructor:  Conni  Sockwell


Phone:  (662) 536-3612  ext. 354

School website:

TEXTBOOK:  Guide to Good Food, Largen/Bence (2012)

                        Goodheart-Willcox 12th edition




  • Everyone needs to join Remind. Text @mssockwell to 81010 


  •  username is your school email (first initial, last initial, last 6 numbers of your MSIS#)
  •  password is your school mascot and your birthday   EX: Jaguars08/17/20


Topics Covered during the nine weeks:

  • Kitchen and Food Safety
  • Table Etiquette and Manners
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Fitness
  • Planning Meals
  • Shopping Decisions
  • Global Cuisine
  • Careers in Nutrition and Wellness
  • 4 hands-on Cooking labs




          A=90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69, F=0-59

             Tests / Projects / Labs = 50%

             Homework / Daily work = 30%

             9 weeks test = 20%



                 coloring utensils, glue stick, scissors, ruler



                  Each student will be allowed 10 extra credits for the 9 weeks.  Each one counts as a daily grade. Anything to show me that they were thinking about our                    class after school hours counts as extra credit.  Some examples could include:  A recipe they found in a family cookbook that looked interesting, more detail about something we are studying, a narrative about a cooking show they watched on tv, etc…




About Me

I'm Conni Sockwell, and I'm in my 30th year of teaching. I graduated from Mississippi State with a Bachelor of Science degree in education. Hail State! My teaching experience covers four states and grades 1-12, excluding 5th. I love teaching Nutrition and Wellness at DCHS!

I have 4 children, and they all graduated from DCHS. All 4 are married and having their 1st child in 2021! Yep! 4 grands in one year! Blessed!!!!

I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, reading, and many outside activities.