It's a great day to be a Jaguar! 


  • Handbooks will be online this year. Please make sure you and your child go over it as some things may have changed.
  • Attendance Forms will be available 48 hours after your request. The forms will expire 30 days after they are signed.
  • JUNIORS: In order to be in next year's yearbook and on your senior composite, you must get your senior pictures made at Holland Studios. You can get your casual pictures made wherever you want, but your formal pictures must be made at Holland.
  • STUDENTS: If you have plans to go to a different high school next year, you need to let your counselor know what high school you plan to attend. We will need to get information from you to make sure that the transfer process goes well.
  • Senior painted parking lots are now on sale. You may pick up a packet in the counselor's office.