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Davis, Dawn Assistant Principal
Hood, Larry Assistant Principal
Johnston, Cliff Principal

Baird, Steven Library
Bass, Elizabeth Art
Benson, Amy English Department Chair/Graduation Contact/English IV/AP Literature
Bentley, William Mississippi Studies
Bodford, Kathleen Human A & P
Bolding, Britan Mississippi Studies, Environmental Science, World Geography
Boren, Rivers Special Education
Bryant, Darrell 7th Grade Eastern Hemispher
Burgess, Devin Assistant Band Director/Percussion Coordiantor
Campbell, Tina College Algebra & Algebra 2
Carter, Michelle Career Pathways
Castoria, Gianna English I & Speech & Debate
Chalk, Lauren Senior English
Chambers, Valeria U.S. History, AP U.S. History
Choate, Denise Algebra I
Clark, William Safety Education
Clayton, Christy Spanish
Coleman, Jamie Math, Science Football Coach
Cook, Anna Biology I
Cox, Dennis Band Director
Cummings, Michelle English 10, AP English Language
Davis, Marijane English I
Denfip, Amber Special Education
Dickerson, Andrew Physical Science
Dougher, Paul World History/Football
Duggin, Matt Special Education
Epps, Norman Psychology, World History, World Geography & Ms Studies
Estes, Codye Gifted English , ACT/PSAT PREP, I & PSAT
Falatko, Margaret Marketing/Oral Communications
Farmer, Tori Geometry, SREB Math, ACT/SAT Prep 1
Fischer, Crystal English 10
Ford, Shelby Drug Ed, Psychology, & U.S. History
Foucault, Jeannine Chemistry 1
Fowler, Tonya Biology I, Biology II, Marine/Aquatic Science
Gilbert, Cody Special Education
Golden, Lorna Biology, AP Biology Teacher & Dept Chairman
Goode, Taylor Physical Science / Football
Harlow, Marie Algebra II
Harmon, Paula Inclusion
Harmon, Tony Phillip Special Education
Hatcher, Melinda Computer Applications, Economics, Graphic Design I, Webmaster
Hawkins, Blake Law Related Ed/Safety Ed/Drug Ed
Hayden, Paul Sociology & Girls' BB
Hicks, Phyllis Calculus, AP Calculus, PSAT I & II, ACT/SAT Prep
Hobbs, Kathleen Special Education
Holland, Erica English I | Compensatory English II
Jansen, Daniel Health
Johnson, Angela Algebra I
Johnson, Claire Algebra II
Kendrick, Dana Biology I
Kitchens, Kennie World History, World Geography
Leininger, Molly Acc. English II, English II
Lewis, Jennifer Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra
Lollar, Michelle Algebra I
Lucas, Beth Computer Teacher
Magee, Kathy Latin I & II, Spanish I & II, ACT/SAT Prep
Mead, Emily U.S. Government/AP U.S. Government
Menninger, Brittany World History
Miller, Jason Drug Ed, Physical Science, Driver's Ed
Monaghan, Mark Physical Education, Baseball, Weightlifting
Moore, Angela Economics, U.S. Gov't.
Morgan, Matthew Algebra III, Algebra I
Nichols, Vaughan Algebra II, Algebra II, Geometry, & Calculus
Pleasants, Leslie English III & English IV
Pounders, Amanda History
Privett, Ashley Community-based Class
Purnell, Chris Health Ed, Safety Ed
Quick, Emily English I, PSAT I & II, ACT/SAT Prep
Ramsey, Timikia Geometry
Riley, Tracie Special Education
Risher, Stephanie Gifted English I & II, Journalism
Rodgers, Marylyn U.S. History
Ruff, Mary Kylie Gifted/ AP Language, Gifted English
Sanders, Torie Sped
Shands, Jeff U.S. History
Simpson, Jeremy World History
Sockwell, Conni Nutrition & Wellness
Spears, Kronskie Business Education/Teacher
Spears, Michael Intro Theatre, Theatre II
Studer, Tania Biological Sciences
Vernon, Karis ELL Teacher
Wadkins, Justin Choral Director
Walker, Laura Chemistry I
Wallace, Matthew PE, Athletic Director/Football Coach
Wallace, Tanya Special Ed/LSC
Walls, Jeff Drivers Education
Walls, Samantha Geometry/Algebra 2
Ware, Shayla Special Education
Weaver, Karen Family and Consumer Sciences
Webb, Ashley Physical Science
Welch, Tracy Business
Wilson, Ashley Spanish I
Winter, Greg Algebra I
Witt, Jason Business
Wooley, Tara English II
Wylie, Arlisa English 9, Intro Theatre

Birks, Kay Counselor- 10th & 9th A-L
Boettcher, Sherry SPED Assistant
Caldwell, Kelly Cohort Clerk
Davis, Jeff Maintenance Mgr.
Goodman, Mikaela Personal Care Asst.
Hopkins, Linda Instructional Asst.
Lee, Theresa MSIS
Miller, Cynthia Bookkeeper
Moore, Melissa Dance Sponsor
Morris, Jessica School Test Coordinator
Springer, Lauren Counselor 12th
Vaughan, Meghan Counselor- 10th & 9th M-Z
White, Whitney Receptionist
Williams, Pamela Attendance Clerk