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Mu Alpha Theta

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If you can not attend Friday's meeting for a legitamate reason (conflict with another club meeting or AP review time), then

go to

go to the "contests" tab and click on "mathematical minutes"

in the left column click on "2017 finalist"

scroll down and watch the 8 videos (each less than 5 minutes)

Then, SEND ME THE NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE no later than 2pm Friday, April 28th.

You may see me personally, email me, or text by replying to remind.

If you are a new member or a Senior, you will still need to see me before school in my classroom any day next week.

Vote Results:

1st:  Like Terms (the last video watch that most of you didn't finish watching)

2nd: L'Hopital: Wildest Limits

3rd:  Limitless Math (the first video watched)

Tied for 4th: Closer to Asymptotes;     Give me a Sine,    Joe Squared Teaches Trig

7th: Shape of Circles

8th Calc Geeks





Mu Alpha Theta is a math honor society for high schools and two year colleges.

To receive reminders of Mu Alpha Theta meetings and activities text  @hkh4k  to 81010.