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DeSoto Central High School
Contact: Steven Baird 

 536-3612 ext 115                            
Welcome to the DeSoto Central High School Library!

The goal of the DCHS library is to provide students, faculty, and parents with an accessible and inviting center to promote the use of print and electronic media.

Mr. Baird, your librarian, graduated from the University of Mississippi with a B.A. in English. He served as an English teacher in DeSoto County for 13 years before transitioning to the library for the last 10 years. He is the author of two novels and regularly provides lectures and demonstrations on mediveal armor and weapons. He also has a tendancy to refer to himself in the third person when writing website autobiographies. 


  Daily Library Hours
  8:00 - 3:30
  Open Student Times
 8:00 - 8:25  Students may visit the libray to check out books, complete research, or work on papers during these times without a note from a teacher.
During your scheduled lunch
Before late arrival or during work release


Library Rules

Students may-

  • Check out 2 library books at a time

  • Print papers saved to thumb drives or their email

  • Conduct internet research
    on class assignments

  • Submit their work to Mr. Baird for a quick content evaluation

Students may not-

  • Bring food or drink into the library

  • Bring cell phones or other electronics into the libary without first checking with Mr. Baird

  • Use any computer without having it assigned by Mr. Baird

  • Engage in disruptive behavior



Useful Internet Resources for Students and Teachers

Project Gutenberg offers over 53,000 free ebooks for download or online reading.




 Magnolia Database

A compilation of data bases containing resource material useful for writing research papers.

 The Odyssey An easier way to understand the Odyssey.

Citation Machine
Easy tool used to create bibliographic citations.
 WorksCited4u The MLA Bibliography Composer.
Literary Criticisms

This is to be used as a study resource for literature.



World Factbook


Facts and information on nations around the globe



World Biomes Covers 5 of the major world biomes
National Geographic  Science in worldwide cultures.
Science Daily Current articles on scientific studies/discoveries
WebMd Medical site addressing common questions/subjects

Science News
 Up to date science containing articles


Scientific article summary sites

Find Articles Science Magazine Magazine Portal Library of Congress



Teacher Professional Development

Munis Self Service
DeSoto County Central Office website offering C.E.U. classes.


The library also offers professional development magazines
via subscriptions.
Education Weekly Teacher Librarian Instructor School Library Journal